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Monday, August 14

6:00pm EDT

Doctoral Consortium
This event is for accepted Doctoral Students and their mentors. 

Monday August 14, 2017 6:00pm - 8:00pm EDT
Cape Cod
Tuesday, August 15

10:10am EDT

Game AI: Generative Design
Session Chair: Michael Mateas
  • Eric Butler, Kristin Siu and Alexander Zook - Program Synthesis as a Generative Method
  • Norbert Heijne and Sander Bakkes - Procedural Zelda: A PCG Environment for Player Experience Research
  • Ryan Alexander and Chris Martens - Deriving Quests from Open World Mechanics (short paper)

Tuesday August 15, 2017 10:10am - 11:05am EDT
Grand I

1:15pm EDT

Game Analysis: Politics
Session Chair: Celia Pearce
  • Anastasia Salter and Bridget Blodgett - This is Fine: #ResistJam and the 2016 Election in Gaming (honorable mention)
  • Emma Anderson, Justice Walker, Yasmin Kafai and Debora Lui - The Gender and Race of Pixels: An Exploration of Intersectional Identity Representation and Construction within Minecraft and its Community

Tuesday August 15, 2017 1:15pm - 1:55pm EDT
Grand I

2:05pm EDT

Games for Purpose
Session Chair: Seth Cooper
  • Corey Clark and Myque Ouellette - Video Games as a Distributed Computing Resource
  • Deborah Fields, Yasmin Kafai, Michael Giang, Nina Fefferman and Jacqueline Wong - Plagues and People: Engineering Player Participation and Prevention in a Virtual Epidemic
  • Anurag Sarkar, Michael Williams, Sebastian Deterding and Seth Cooper - Engagement Effects of Player Rating System-Based Matchmaking for Level Ordering in Human Computation Games (honorable mention)
  • Aaron Bauer, Eric Butler and Zoran Popovic - Dragon Architect: Open Design Problems for Guided Learning in a Creative Computational Thinking Sandbox Game (short paper)

Tuesday August 15, 2017 2:05pm - 3:20pm EDT
Grand I

5:00pm EDT

Come and look at the posters while enjoying a little bite and a drink. Note that for this session we only have a cash bar. 
  • Kristin Siu, Alexander Zook, and Mark Riedl - A Framework for Exploring and Evaluating Mechanics in Human Computation Games [P1]
  • Jonathan Campbell and Clark Verbrugge - Exploration in NetHack with Secret Discovery [P2]
  • Nicholas Liao, Matthew Guzdial, and Mark Riedl - Deep Convolutional Player Modeling on Log and Level Data [P3]
  • Yihuan Dong and Tiffany Barnes - Evaluation of a Template-based Puzzle Generator for an Educational Programming Game [P4]
  • Jo Mazeika and Jim Whitehead - Solusforge: Controlling the Generation of the 3D models with Spatial Relation Graphs [P5]
  • Mike Scanlon, Tom Swanson, Paul Darvasi and Jennifer Jenson - The First Door: Gender, Authority and Choice in The Stanley Parable [P6]
  • Corey Clark, Marcelo Spiezzi Raimbault - Session Based Behavioral Clustering in the Open World Sandbox Game TUG [P7]
  • Michell Aubrecht, Christine Ballengee-Morris, Henry Bawden - Guildhall Earthworks Rising: Exploring, Sharing, Researching, and Building Community through Teachers, Parents and Learners [P8]
  • Elizabeth Rowe, Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Santiago Gasca, and Katie Cunningham - Assessing Implicit Computational Thinking in Zoombinis Gameplay [P9]
  • Anna Loparev, Amanda Sullivan, Clarissa Verish, Lauren Westendorf, Jasmine Davis, Margaret Flemings, Marina Bers, and Orit Shaer - BacToMars: A Collaborative Educational Video Game for Teaching Biological Engineering [P10]
  • James Laffey Joseph Griffin, Justin Sigoloff, and Sean Lander - Mission HydroSci: A Progress Report on a Transformational Role Playing Game for Science Learning [P11]
  • Edward Melcer and Katherine Isbister - Toward Understanding Disciplinary Divides within Games Research [P12]
  • Yun-Gyung Cheong, Kinam Park, Woo-Hyun Park, and Byung-Chull Bae - A Database-Centric Architecture for Interactive Storytelling [P13]
  • Karen Schrier - What’s in a Name? Naming Games that Solve Real-World Problems [P14]
  • Christina Chung, Amit Kadan, Asako Matsuoka, Elsie Yang, Julia Rubin and Marsha Chechnik - The Impact of Visual Load on Performance in a Human-computation Game [P15]
  • Rune K. L. Nielsen and Velli-Matti Karhulahti - The Problematic Coexistence of “Internet Gaming Disorder” and Esports [P16]
  • Elana Márquez Segura, Katherine Isbister, Jon Back and Annika Waern - Design, Appropriation, and Use of Technology in LARPS [P17]
  • Sheng-Yi Hsu, Chia-Lin Hsu, Shing-Yun Jung and Chuen-Tsai Sun - Indicator Products for Observing Market Conditions and Game Trends in MMOG [P18]
  • Josep Valls-Vargas, Jichen Zhu, Santiago Ontañón - From Computational Narrative Analysis to Generation: A Preliminary Review [P19]
  • Timothy Day and Jichen Zhu - Agency Informing Techniques: Communicating Player Agency in Interactive Narratives [P20]
  • Jennifer Dalsen - Classroom Implementation of a Games-Based Activity on Astronomy in Higher Education [P21]
  • Jeremy Dietmeier, Ben J. Mill, Ben Devane, Kristen Missall and Salloni Nanda - Shredding with Mom and Dad: Intergenerational Physics Gaming in a Children’s Museum [P22]
  • Bria Mears and Jichen Zhu - Design Patterns for Silent Player Characters in Narrative-Driven Games [P23]
  • John Murray, Michael Mateas and Noah Wardrip-Fruin - Proposal for Analyzing Player Emotions In An Interactive Narrative Using Story Intention Graphs [P24]

Tuesday August 15, 2017 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT
Wednesday, August 16

10:10am EDT

Game Analysis: Players
Session Chair: John Murray
  • Peter Christiansen - Designing Ethical Systems for Videogames
  • Jeff Nay and Jose Zagal - Meaning without Consequence: Virtue Ethics and Inconsequential Choices in Games
  • Yubo Kou, Magnus Johansson and Harko Verhagen - Prosocial Behavior in an Online Game Community: an Ethnographic Study (short paper)

Wednesday August 16, 2017 10:10am - 11:05am EDT
Grand I

11:15am EDT

Game AI: Puzzle Generation
Session Chair: Gillian Smith
  • Josep Valls-Vargas, Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontañón - Graph Grammar-based Controllable Generation of Puzzles for a Learning Game about Parallel Programming
  • Britton Horn, Amy K. Hoover, Yetunde Folajimi, Jackie Barnes, Casper Harteveld, and Gillian Smith and - AI-Assisted Analysis of Player Strategy across Level Progressions in a Puzzle Game (honorable mention)
  • Eric Butler, Emina Torlak and Zoran Popović - Synthesizing Explainable Strategies for Solving Puzzle Games

Wednesday August 16, 2017 11:15am - 12:15pm EDT
Grand I

1:15pm EDT

Game Technology
Session Chair: Adam Smith
  • Julian Frommel, Sven Sonntag and Michael Weber - Effects of Controller-based Locomotion on Player Experience in a Virtual Reality Exploration Game (short paper)
  • Shawn Farlow and Jerry Trahan - Greedy Heuristics for Client Assignment Problem by Zones
  • Chris Martens and Matthew Hammer - Languages of Play: Toward Semantic Foundations for Game Interfaces

Wednesday August 16, 2017 1:15pm - 2:00pm EDT
Grand I

2:10pm EDT

Game Design: Physical Play
Session Chair: Katherine Isbister
  • Anne Sullivan, Anastasia Salter - Towards a Narrative Taxonomy of Physical Games
  • Martin Pichlmair, Lena Mech and Miguel Sicart - Designing for immediate play
  • Raquel Robinson, Zachary Rubin, Elena Márquez Segura and Katherine Isbister - All the Feels: Designing a Tool that Reveals Streamers’ Biometrics to Spectators (short paper)

Wednesday August 16, 2017 2:10pm - 3:05pm EDT
Grand I

3:30pm EDT

Game Analytics & Visualization
Session Chair: Andy Nealen
  • Choong-Soo Lee and Ivan Ramler - Identifying and Evaluating Successful Non-meta Strategies in League of Legends (best paper; short paper)
  • Thibault Allart, Guillaume Levieux, Michel Pierfitte, Agathe Guilloux and Stephane Natkin - Difficulty Influence on Motivation over Time in Video Games using Survival Analysis (short paper)
  • Brandon Drenikow and Pejman Mirza-Babaei - Vixen: Interactive Visualization of Gameplay Experiences
  • Zach Cleghern, Soumendra Lahiri, Osman Ozaltin and David Roberts - Predicting Future States in DotA 2 using Value-split Models of Time Series Attribute Data

Wednesday August 16, 2017 3:30pm - 4:40pm EDT
Grand I
Thursday, August 17

9:00am EDT

Game Analysis: Framing the Meta
Session Chair: Jose Zagal
  • Michael Debus - Metagames: On the Ontology of Games Outside of Games
  • Eric Kaltman, Joseph Osborn, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Michael Mateas - Getting the GISST: A Toolkit for the Creation, Analysis and Reference of Game Studies Resources

Thursday August 17, 2017 9:00am - 9:40am EDT
Grand I

9:50am EDT

Player Experience
Session Chair: Jim Whitehead
  • Tuomas Kari, Jonne Arjoranta and Markus Salo - Behavior Change Types with Pokemon GO
  • Stefan Liszio and Maic Masuch - The Influence of Social Entities in Virtual Reality Games on Player Experience and Immersion
  • Kristin Siu, Matthew Guzdial and Mark Riedl - Evaluating Singleplayer and Multiplayer in Human Computation Games

Thursday August 17, 2017 9:50am - 10:50am EDT
Grand I

1:15pm EDT

Game Design: Formal Approaches
Session Chair: Clara Fernandez
  • Isabella Carlsson, Jeanie Choi, Celia Pearce and Gillian Smith - Designing eBee: A Reflection on Quilt-Based Game Design (best paper)
  • Adam Summerville, Joseph Osborn, Christoffer Holmgard, Daniel Zhang and Michael Mateas - Mechanics Automatically Recognized via Interactive Observation: Jumping
  • Joseph Osborn, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Michael Mateas - Refining Operational Logics (honorable mention)

Thursday August 17, 2017 1:15pm - 2:15pm EDT
Grand I

2:25pm EDT

AI for Game Design
Session Chair: Julian Togelius
  • Fernando De Mesentier Silva, Scott Lee, Julian Togelius and Andy Nealen - AI-based Playtesting of Modern Board Games (honorable mention)
  • Adam Summerville, Julian Mariño, Sam Snodgrass, Santiago Ontañón and Levi Lelis - Understanding Mario: An Evaluation of Design Metrics For Platformers
  • Tiago Machado, Andy Nealen and Julian Togelius - SeekWhence: A Retrospective Analysis Tool for General Game Design (short paper)

Thursday August 17, 2017 2:25pm - 3:20pm EDT
Grand I
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